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I was dying,

yes literally dying. I have live a wonderful life, now, surrounded by people love me, my lovely wife who has spend 60 years take care of me, my children, always by my side and my grandson. oh, how wonderful this life can end this beautifully. I’m satisfied, this is the best way the men can leave his life without any regret. And then time stop, as I realize the tears on my wife’s cheek just hanging in the air like a dewdrop in morning, HE’s here. The door I used to know now open to the all new dimension, a total darkness, and from that black space, he arrives, the Death.
Death appear in various forms in people’s belief. A crow, a god with the name Hades, or simply a man with the black suit as I’m seeing. A tall, thin gentle man wearing a luxury black suit with a white tie, a crow landing on his shoulder.

- Mister Watson, your time is up! Come with me then. His deep but warm voice coming from the throat bring me surprise. I thought it would be cold or he would say something scary like “ I will take your soul and feed you to the devil, bla, bla bla...

- I thought you would be something very scary, Mister Death, a black cape and a scythe is more suitable
He laughs, “We don’t dress like that for a long time, Mr.Watson, it would make us fall over and we will looks like a bad comedian trying something stupid on Halloween, now get up from your bed, we have a long walk here to the Gate” . As I get on my feet, the old man Watson is long gone, replace by my 24 years old Watson, young and foolish but full of hope. “What happen to me ? Why am I return to this age ?”. “That’s the will of your soul, as your body dying, your soul will return to the most wanted age of yours, now child, come”. Through the door is nothing like the bible or some priest describe, there is no light after the tunnel, no darkness valley, but a field of grass spreading through the horizon, in the middle was a path with cobber stones, there are nobody but us on the road, the wind softly float around us, the walk seem forever to reach the final destination. We walking, silently, i do not know how many hours have pass seen we enter the door leading to this “space” , more and more the curiosity in me keep my head thinking. Is this hell ? Where is the fire, the torture, the final judgement ? And my mouth just open for a very time.

- Tell me Mr. Death, where is this place ? This is hell, right ? I thought it would be black and full of demons or at least it would be scary than this.
“Is that what you human thought ?”. He laugh again, his pale face show no expression but a funny notice about my question. This is hell, there is no suffering, no torturing, just a small walk between the old life to the next, you will walk to your next life, escorted by one of us, Death. “There are many reaper like you ?”. Yes, I can not do all the soul gathering on my all, human, we Death or reaper as you called will come to you as you say you farewell to your kin then escort your soul to the next life. This path, the cobber stoned road is the only path you should walk, straight from it and you’ll be come a lost soul, forever lost in this Field of Eternity. Is this answer your question, puny human ?

- I have a name sir, so could you stop calling me puny or child ? I’ve live 60 years already and that is a long time sir. “60 years are you ? To you it maybe a long time but to me, a blink of an eyes. I have been here from the moment the first human open their eyes and til the last human on this Earth close theirs, I’ve seen empire rises and fall, war from many scale, I seen human rise to power and corrupted by it then tend to devour each other to please their thirst for it, so tell me human, are you just a child to me.

So he live for a long time, “Tell me, do you have a wife or a lover in your eternal life ?” He stops for awhile, thinking, then the walk is continued, his eyes change for sec, like I have mention something very dear to him. “Yes, she was close to me, my first woman, Eve”, “Wait the second, you mean EVE, like in Eve and Adam of Eden ?”. In the bible, Eve and Adam created by God all mighty , they live in the Eden, a garden of God, a wonderful place, but then blinded by the snake-Satan as we think, they banished to Earth and never to return ever again. And now, everything I know have change.

“You know, back then, I was created by God to look after them, Adam and Eve, like a keeper of Eden, those kid was naive, innocent and so am I. Know none of emotion, my only task is to keep them from hurting themselves , and yet it was so hard when they all grow up. Adam was a dynamic, an adventure and mostly innocent, he’s only interest in things around him, the world, the creature, everything except Eve. Sadly, Eve does not know her feelings toward Adam, emotions are new to them. Hate, anger, joy , sadness, and the most important of them all LOVE. Just like I said about Adam, he knows not about love, but the love for venture, for the world, Eve’s feeling was denial, broken. That was the first time I, a watcher saw her cry, the kind of drop you human call tear, slow fell from her eyes. And that when she starts talking to me, a thing that never spoke, questioning, blaming, and crying for day, something inside of me has change, something God never given to me has been created. Inside of me was nothing, but then, it was like a heart of your kind, beating, rumble, shaking, all kind of reaction that I know nothing of it. I start talking to Eve for the first time, we talk for day and night, about many things and that’s when I knew, the feelings I mean for Eve was more than care, it was LOVE and God found out. He banished both Eve and Adam out of Eden, I was sad, sorrow took over me, my wings blacked by the cloud i made for myself, I beg God to let Eve and Adam back to the Eden in exchange I will become whatever he want me to be. Human, love always hurt you the most, pain or joy , it will always ending in the same result. My request was denial, God knew, from the very beginning that those feeling will come, and soon consume me, what i have for her is love, yes, but that can not allow to happen, not that time, for they know not the last stage of life: DEATH. I’m but an immortal being, endless life, my cycle is forever but Eve, Adam, and so many children of them will experience this last stage when their age coming to the end. He did not what me to suffer this HUMAN emotion, but I beg him for last request: let me become DEATH itself, I will watch over human, from their beginning, till their last breath, become their guiding light of the journey to the next life, and he granted my wish. From then I become a who i am this day, I witnessed Eve last moment, guide her to the next life and so many life ahead of her, I will always be there for her. Is that answer your question, human ?

-Whao, I did not expect that story, so much different form what I knew. So may I ask, what happen to me next, when we reach the Gate ?

“You will be reborn, become innocent again, you will have a great life ahead, and then when your time come, you and I will meet once more.Now our walk end here. As he stop talking, we have arrive at the Gate, what lies before me is a small door with a wooden handle, a door to the next life, I look back for that last time, the path I have crossed from my door with Death till this door is suddenly surprisingly close, it almost feeling like a walk from my home to my favorite park.

- So I guess we will meet again soon, Mr Death. I start a joke for that last time, and he replies:
- We will have a small talk and small walk in the park like this soon, Mr.Watson. Now go on, enjoy your cycle of life.


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